The sole survivor of a trading expedition by longboat from his snowy homeland of Svialand, Ivar Shieldbreaker (a nickname he possibly gave himself) helped Arixa found her war band, the Dawn, and captains it in her absence. The only things fiercer than Ivar’s loyalty to Arixa are his sense of humor and his hatred of Goths, who are responsible for the attack that killed his shipmates. He didn’t come to Scythia for the cannabis, but it definitely helped convince him to stay.

ARIXA Concept Art

ARIXA Agathyrsi (aka Arixa Katiarsi, aka Arixa of Scythia, aka Arixa Ironglove) gave up life as one of seventeen princes and princesses in the Scythian capital, Roxinaki, to found her own war band, named the Dawn. She believes city life has made Scythians soft and that men and women should return to the old ways, living as nomads on the steppe.

As she will learn, the dangers of city life are much worse than anyone imagined, and it will be upon her to convince her people of that before it’s too late.

Not only a warrior, Arixa also has a sharp mind and a curious nature that made her a favorite student of her palace tutors as a child. The warriors of the Dawn love her and will follow her anywhere.

The coming of Devastation Day is sure to put that loyalty to the test.

Dr. Fizzbik concept art

DR. FIZZBIK is a member of the star-faring extraterrestrial civilization called the Gaboon Harmony, but as an Earth-born, you’d be forgiven from calling him a… talking dog. Don’t say it to his face, though, or he’ll bark at you. Fizzbik is not the most harmonious of Gaboons, but he is their foremost expert on the lesser race known as humans.