Why should I join?

Writing novels isn’t something I do just for kicks.

I need to make a living and support my family, which not only means selling books, but selling them for $2.99 & up.

I’ve played the “See how many free/99-cent books we can chuck out there in the hope that 5% of them might result in a full price sale, someday” game. That model is ineffective and unhealthy for the indie publishing market as a whole. The only ones winning in this scenario are the many predators who charge authors to list their books on ‘bargain book’ email blasts.

I don’t want to be a bargain bin author, and I’m not one. I have the old fashioned aim of delivering a quality product to readers who are interested enough to pay what it’s worth. If $1.00 is a non-starter for you, there’s a crap-ton of books out there that you can enjoy for free. SCYTHIAN DAWN and its sequels won’t be among them.

Am I looking to get rich off your $1? No f-ing way. I won’t nearly break even. Your dollar (66 cents to me, after fees) is just a token separating those who put a monetary value on their entertainment from those who are cruising for free stuff.

There’s nothing wrong with cruising for free stuff. I just won’t be in the “business” of providing it.

But I do think I’m offering an exceptional value. Your membership gets you access not only to the current book but also all future sequels, before release, as they’re written. (Note that prior to publication, each book will be removed; they will not remained archived on the site.)

If you don’t join, no hard feelings. Maybe you’ll come back one day. But if you do decide to pay a trivial amount to show support for my work, then welcome! I very much hope you enjoy, and I look forward to interacting with you in the Comments on this site, by email, or on Facebook. -P.K.


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