What is it?

SCYTHIAN DAWN is an Earth vs. Aliens print and Kindle book that begins an open-ended series of novels.

Unlike most stories in the genre, which have aliens invading in the present day or in the future, in the Scythian Dawn universe, aliens began targeting Earth in the early days of human civilization.

Every few hundred years, galactic overlords send a ship to Earth to wipe out all of its major cities and carry away thousands of humans to be sold away to dark fates.

Since most technological advances are tied to the rise of cities, Earth remains stuck at roughly an Iron Age level. The only human cultures to avoid periodic destruction are nomadic ones which do not concentrate their people and knowledge in a single metropolis.

For Iron Age nomads on Earth, challenging the rulers of space is impossible.

Or is it?

Arixa is a princess of Scythia who rejected palace life at age nineteen to lead her own war band, the Dawn, and ride the steppe in defense of Scythia’s growing capital city. Following a fateful encounter, Arixa learns of the past destruction inflicted on Earth, and worse, that a new Devastation Day is imminent.

With her war band, the Dawn, behind her, Arixa sets out not only to save Scythia but also to do the unthinkable.

She will strike a blow against the enemies of humanity.

At any price.

Bonus: Read more about the idea & setting of Scythian Dawn in this blog post.

BOOK ONE takes place on Earth, as Arixa learns of the threat and works to save her people, most of whom refuse to believe her. Then she sets her sights even higher, on fighting back against humanity’s oppressors. She is part Joan of Arc, part Xena Warrior Princess, and part Ellen Ripley.

BOOK TWO takes the action into space, where it will mostly remain, with Arixa and her Scythians joining alien races in a war against the galactic overlords. However, return visits to Earth (and other planets with steppes) in future volumes are assured.

Prior to publishing the books in Paperback and Kindle formats, I’ll be posting them in full here on this site. The chapters may not be in 100% final form, but close. I’ll welcome your comments, suggestions, and help in catching errors.

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To read books in full, you’ll need to create a Dawn Rider membership. The time that each book remains on this site will be limited, with each one removed prior to its official Amazon launch date. I hope you’ll love the stories enough that you’ll want to help boost those launches by buying a copy of the final edition to keep on your own (physical or digital) bookshelf.

If you’re intrigued, but still wondering where I get off asking you to pay, please read this.

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Either way, I hope you’ll join me in the journey from the steppe to the stars in SCYTHIAN DAWN! It’s gonna be fun & EPIC.


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